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Media Literacy & Critical Thinking Course


This training will help participants analyse the information that they receive in a
neutral, objective way.

The first part of the course addresses the biases that we- news consumers ourselves have, and how these can condition our perceptions and distort our
understanding of the world. The second part focuses on media biases- misleading
information and prejudices passed on to us by other people.

Some of the themes covered:

– How our mind works
– How we process information
– Why we make mistakes
– What to watch out for
– Different types of media bias, along with real examples of each, taken from various sources.
– Analytical techniques and tools to detect and identify biased information

The course materials, activities, and exercises are all carefully tailored to participants’ specific interests and needs.

Course duration: approximately 14 hours, spread out over 3 days.

Language(s): English

For more information, please contact us at: info@filtropro.com  &  info@acdr.org.uk

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