About Us

About us

The African Centre for Development and Research (ACDR) was established in August 2010 as a platform to foster partnerships between Organizations by advocating the rights and well-being of minority and vulnerable groups by engaging young people through creative Non-formal learning methods in
issues that will directly impact their future with the hope of creating a more open society.

We work with other relevant stakeholders to advocate the rights and dignity of all. African Centre for Development and Research was registered as a company limited by guarantee in April 2011 and was later registered by charity commission in October 2013.

Over the last eighteen months, our major sources of funding has been the European union through the ERASMUS+ funds with British council as the National Agency.


Livelihood and Resilience

Leverage on this space to learn and discuss about living beyond survival but towards resilient resolve.

Governance Democracy and Public Policy

Engage in the discussions about governmental policy frameworks.

Youth and Education

Partake in building an inclusive framework for young individuals to get educated.

Environment and Peace

Get involved in creating a peaceful environment to live in.

Gender and Human Rights

In the emerging world, join us in building a world that is enabling to achieving gender equity.

Our Core Strategies

Research and Development

Community owned solutions.

Public Participation


Evaluation and Learning