BACK TO WORK INITIATIVE OCTOBER 2022 TO JUNE 2023 IN Partnership With Brighton And Hove Council

BACK TO WORK INITIATIVE OCTOBER 2022 TO JUNE 2023 IN Partnership with Brighton and Hove Council

African Centre for Development and Research was established in 2010 'to relieve those in need to advance education and training and to promote good health and wellbeing for the public benefit in particular that of young people under the age of 25 years, migrants of all backgrounds and such others as the trustees see fit from time to time' 

The organisation seeks funding to run a project aiming to help to support BAME young people into employment or self-employment following reported challenges. The application indicates that post covid-19 the project will provide

'opportunity for youths in BAME communities to acquire entrepreneurial and needed employment skills and opportunity to retrain on specific soft skills which will enhance their confidence and broaden their chances of returning to the labour market and where possible accessing the jobs market via other channels'

ACDR have indicated that they collaborated with Refugee Radio in a media Prism project for young people in the past and they have an existing collaborative initiative which they will use to reach out to potential participants.

The organisation aim to provide a range of activities including soft skills training on teamwork, intercultural learning, leadership, negotiation, collaboration, critical thinking