Developing Youth Social & Economic Resilient Skills : Pathway To Mitigating Violence In Recession

Developing Youth Social & Economic Resilient Skills : Pathway To Mitigating Violence In Recession

The project seeks to redirect youth energy from reacting to situations and circumstances of frustrations and pressure but rather develop their capacities to respond to moments of frustration by building skills that will make them steady under pressure. Increasing their crisis and conflict carrying capacities.

The culture shift being witnessed amongst young people in Europe who often react to passing phases of frustration with violence amongst themselves, against minority groups and against apparatus of the state can be reduced and tamed through social and conflict resilient skills.

Soft skills that revives confidence in young people. Replacing frustration and hopelessness with self-esteem and in-depth professional skills that can outlive the economic slowdown and austerity.

The varieties of countries chosen are to feed into the training methodologies being designed for the sessions. Experiential approach to learning. Young people would be supported to be masters of their own learning.

This approach will be combined with participatory methodologies which will allow role plays, storytelling and new creative methods at responding to pressures and frustrations like peaceful coexistence, reconciliation and integration of excluded and youth with few opportunities by strengthening the capacities of youth in managing crises, advocacy, campaigning, peace building, diversity and conflict resolution.

Through access to training, young people will be further being encouraged to develop their leadership skills through participatory methodologies. This project seeks to serve as an avenue to diffuse the tension and reorientation of youth to shun extreme nationalism and violence that can damage the concept and creation of European Union and to embrace active citizenship