International Training On Conflict Analysis And Strategic Peace Building

International Training on Conflict Analysis and Strategic Peace building

Conflict is a natural, normal and neutral occurrence but how to deal with that which is normal and neutral when it causes dislocations in our lives is the major challenge.

Conflict is a natural, normal and neutral occurrence but how to deal with that which is normal and neutral is a major challenge. Depressed economies, unemployment among young people, diversity , multiculturalism and migration creates dislocations and conflict but a clear understanding of how to analyze these conflicts is what is lacking which makes a lot of people to either resort to blame game or wrong approaches to conflict which in turn escalates the conflict.

It is possible for people to take the right approaches in dealing with conflict provided they understand the root causes of the conflict. If you find yourself in a diverse team who are constantly in mortal disagreements and everyone pulling in different directions or a relationship that suddenly turns sour or a stable community which suddenly go up in arms against each other, then there is need for conflict analysis skills. A superficial assessment of the situation based on what can be seen or associated emotional feeling will confuse and derail right approaches to transforming the situation but a clear understanding of CONFLICT ANALYSIS SKILL will help in delving to the epicenter of the problem which will bring about right approaches and lead to stable and harmonious working relationships.

The benefit of these skills will help communities, teams and young people overcome divides of multiculturalism and diversity. This training seeks to help people get off the superficial and cosmetics approach to understand complex situation and give them the needed tools and skills to untangle situations and help teams to understand themselves better for better performance and communities and groups to function harmoniously in a mutually reinforcing dimensions. This training will mitigate kneel jerk responses to unpleasant pressured situations but gives the participant the required skills to cut through distractions and get to the heart of the problem because lack of clear understanding of any conflict creates room for escalation of conflict which could make it more difficult to transform. This project will promote diversity, deepen the values of freedom, tolerance and promotion of human rights and cohesive communities. The project will be facilitated through non-formal learner centered approaches with kine-static methods.

  • To train 30 youth workers, youth leaders and youth in specific Conflict Analysis.
  • Train youth workers on conflict mapping frameworks
  • Train youth workers and young people in negotiation skills.
  • To train youth workers and youth leaders the fundamental principles of creators who takes the advantages of bad situations to create new and better opportunities.
  • To train youth workers and youth leaders in team building and team leading skills which will enable them to leverage diversity in a multicultural workspace.
  • Build a pool of conflict analyst.
  • Train youth worker and youth leaders on the cycle of conflicts.
  • Train participants in local capacities for peace-building.
  • Train participants in strategic peace-building
  • Train youth workers on human rights.
  • Train youth workers on the values of diversity and inter-cultural dialogue.