Strategy For Cooperation Training

Strategy For Cooperation Training

This project gave more opportunities to youth leaders, youth workers and young people with few opportunities to improve their knowledge in the field of capacity building and organizational building and management.

The “Strategy for Cooperation Training” was conceptualised by African Centre for Development and Research and was implemented with a view to encouraging youth participation in European organizations both in Europe but also in Europe-Africa cooperation

The idea arose in the context of the previous meetings among leaders of Africa and Europe organizations. To ensure a strong cultural diversity, enhance ideological difference, demonstrating the difference as the values of mutual learning and understanding.

This project was not only be representatives of organizations working with young people in Europe as well as leaders of African organizations but had representatives of ethnic minorities and young people with few opportunities.

The total of 15 participants involved including the organizers and trainers, the training was held from 22/08 – 28/08, 2011 in London, using the methodology of non-formal education as insertion of interactive and dynamic learning.